Just Don’t: 5 Annoying Airport Behaviors

Just Don't: 5 Annoying Airport BehaviorsAirports are bustling places with a singular purpose: enable people to get from one place to another. Being that they are not, in and of themselves, destinations, most people are there to accomplish a specific task in a definitive amount of time in the most efficient and least stressful way possible.

As with any holiday, there are likely to be many infrequent travelers hitting the sky this weekend. For those of you who fall into this group, I put together a short list of things that can put you at the ire of more frequent travelers. I offer this in the hope that everyone can have at least a little bit less stressful start to the holiday weekend.

5 Things that Annoy Your Fellow Travelers in the Airport

1. People who don’t know how to work security. Don’t be that person who holds everyone up in security. Yes, getting through security is an exercise in inconvenience. But not knowing what you’re doing can make it worse for you and everyone else. So make sure you know before you go. Here are the biggies: you’ll have to take your shoes off, laptops have to be taken out of your bag, and liquids must be 3oz or less and all fit inside a single quart sized bag. Go to the TSA website for more specific info.

2. Boarding before your zone is called. Airlines have different methods of deciding who boards when, and none of them that I have experienced are perfect. But it still shouldn’t be a free for all. Be patient and know that everyone will get to the destination at the same time.

3. Hogging all of the plugs at charging station. Did you bring a laptop, iPad, iPhone and Kindle with you? Good for you. Don’t try to charge them all at the gate. Charge your devices at home and use the airport charging stations sparingly. If you’re taking up more than one or two outlets, that’s just rude.

4. Yelling at gate agents. Their job is to get everyone on the plane as quickly and efficiently as possible. They can’t control when your outbound plane arrives at the gate, and they can’t hop on the tarmac to fix whatever maintenance issue is holding you up. If you need something from them, be nice. They’ll be more inclined to help you, if they can.

5. Coming to a complete stop while waking in the middle of a busy thoroughfare. Airports are busy, and the major ones have thousands of people traversing their hallways and walkways every day. Do not, under any circumstances, randomly stop. Just like in a car, if you’re lost or need to check a sign in the airport, pull yourself over!

Here’s to safe, happy and efficient travel for the 4th!

3 thoughts on “Just Don’t: 5 Annoying Airport Behaviors

  1. Ever since i was a small child i loved the process of going to the airport. There was something in the air and in the crowd that was just electric (looking back it was probably something within myself), now that I’m a bit older though I’m beginning to choose love of sleep over love of airports….


    • Wow! I never got to experience airports as a child. (I didn’t start flying until I was 20 years old.) I can only imagine how they sparked a sense of awe and wonder in you back then. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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