Never Travel Without: Carabiners

While no two trips are alike, there are a few, stalwart items that I can’t live without on the road. Some are expected (noise canceling headphones), but some, like the one I’ll share today, are not. Today, that item is: carabiners.

I’ve been a fan of carabiners since middle school, when it was “cool” to clip all your keys to the belt loop on your jeans with a carabiner. Though I no longer wear my keys as an accessory (was that ever really cool?), my affinity for carabiners has only blossomed.

My carabiner collection grew exponentially when I took on indoor rock climbing as a hobby, which had the added bonus of helping me feeling less like a poser for owning so many. Shortly thereafter, I would learn the true value of carabiners as a travel accessory.

Here are six ways I’ve used carabiners while traveling:
  1. Hanging on to my wet shoes that I didn’t want to put into my bag
  2. Keeping my headphones accessible
  3. Making my keys easy to find inside my bag
  4. Securing hats that I don’t want to crush in my suitcase
  5. Keeping my camera gear secure in the water

I typically have 1-2 small carabiners and at least two big ones (sometimes more) clipped to my bags when I travel. And the one time I mysteriously forgot them? I needed them more than ever.

Luckily, carabiners are SUPER easy to find and range in price from a few dollars to over $20 a piece. I like to get mine from an outdoor store, as those tend to be of higher quality.

Here are a couple of links to searches at REI and Amazon to get you started on your collection:

Happy climbing…errr…traveling!


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