Just Don’t: 5 Annoying Airplane Behaviors

PlaneIf you travel more than a couple of times each year, you’re bound to develop some pet peeves. While overall, I’ve found most of my fellow travelers to be at least a little bit considerate, there are plenty of jackwagons who can make an already semi-stressful endeavor just a little bit more frustrating. So below I give you the first list of five things you can do to annoy your fellow travelers on the airplane.

1. Take up both armrests. If you’re sitting next to someone (which is the case in 99% of flights), pick one armrest and stick to it. There are already enough violations of personal space on an airplane. Don’t make it worse.

2. Lean your seat back without checking behind you. The person behind you could have a drink or laptop on his/her tray table. If you suddenly slam your seat back, you could send the drink flying into their lap or crack their computer screen. Be a dear and give ’em a quick heads up.

3. Hacking all over everyone. Cover your orfaces when you cough or sneeze. Even better: don’t fly when you’re sick. It’s not just gross, it’s rude and dangerous to those around you.

4. Put two bags in the overhead bin (extra points if those bags are oversized). The rule is very clear. Put the big item overhead and small one under the seat in front of you. Need the extra legroom in front of you? Don’t bring two bags on board. It’s that simple.

5. Sitting in First Class and putting your unattended kids in Coach. I’ve seen this happen. And it’s just wrong on so many levels.


What are your pet peeves when you fly? Share them in the comments below!

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