Show me the blogger who hasn’t at least once written (or thought about writing) something along the lines of: “it’s been a while since I’ve written here,” and I’ll crown them with a unicorn horn.

The fact is that we all start blogs with the best of intentions and a zillion posts in mind, but life gets in the way.

As for me, it’s been over two years since I’ve written here. But this last year has been an important one for me. One filled with an unexpected plot twist and yet a deeper joy that I didn’t know to even reach for again.

I’m not quite sure if I got thrown a curve ball, took an unexpected left turn in life or what…no matter which cliche I choose, the result is still the same: my life is dramatically different right now than I thought it would be. And I’m strangely happier for where I am—leaning into the uncertainty and excitement of it all. 

While I’ve had many blogs over the years for the disparate aspects of my life, I choose this blog to continue chronicling my journeys at home and on the road.

Join me, share with me, or just silently observe from afar.

What’s most important to me is that I’m back. I’m writing again, and I’m living life out loud.

Here’s to my own personal “you-turn” and all the adventures that await around the bend.

Stay tuned.


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