It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye (To My Travel Tote)

Do y’all ever get attached to a bag so much that you just can’t let it go? Even though you KNOW it’s time? Because same.

Nearly four years ago, I landed on the Lole Lily tote for my go-to travel tote, and I’ve been carrying it without fail all these years. In fact, I loved it so much that I kept on toting it a few trips past its expiration date.

Quite a few of the seams had finally cried uncle due to my serious overpacking ways—from the backpack straps to the water bottle holder on the side. Keep in mind, this is of no fault to the bag whatsoever—I fully blame the abuse I’ve put it through over the past four years. Though, I can’t help but note that the tote straps haven’t a single stitch out of place, which speaks to the honest-to-goodness great construction of this bag.

In short, I loved the hell out of that tote.

There’s something special about finding the perfect travel tote and then traversing off with it over thousands and thousands of miles, trip after trip. All of my items had the same home every time I packed it. Charge cords went in the outside back zip pocket; phones, wallet, lipstick, etc. got stashed in the outside front zip pocket.

I had even perfected the Tetris will all of my usual carry-on items, from my ginormous Beats wireless headphones to my always-stuffed, though perfectly packed, liquids bag. Sunglasses and regular glasses snuggled in one of the outside water bottle pockets; a water bottle took up residence in the other.

I filled that bag to the brim each and every time—mostly because I could. (I am, after all, a proud overpacker). But it has come time to say goodbye to her.

I’d still recommend that bag any day of the week if you’re looking for a good travel tote. As for me, looking to slim down my “personal item” just a bit in an attempt to pack just a tiny bit less.

I’m moving on to another travel tote, which will take its first trip with me this week. Will it be a winner? Will I love it as much as I love the Lily?

Time will tell, and then I’ll be sure to tell you guys.

Until then, RIP Lole Lily. May you make new friends in the back of my closet.




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