Time. That fleeting, ticking thing that seems to fly by, leaving us with never enough to get everything done that we want to do. If you follow me on Instagram (@mightbejz), you’ve likely seen a new hashtag emerge with quite some frequency: #maketime.

It is typically either explicitly or implicitly joined with the concept of “make time for things you love.” And that concept has become ever more precious to me as the hands on the clock spinning.

I’ve been busy lately. Really busy. Partly due to things not really in my control, partly due to things of my own volition. Work has been busy. My personal life has been busy. And things around the house (redesigns, maintenance, etc.) have been busy as well.

There’s no shortage of articles that have commented on how we glorify busy. I wear it not as a badge of honor, but carry it dutifully as a fact of life, particularly as a single woman with a full-time job to rock and house to maintain. Yet it is because of—rather than in spite of—that fact that I have added #maketime to my many mantras on life.

I love my job. I love my house. I love the life that I have built. But I also love the ocean, beaches, sun, being outdoors, palm trees, friends, meeting new people, water, photography, music, my family, and more.

And I’ve decided to always make time for the things I love. Even if it’s only a few minutes, those few minutes will be the most fulfilling, rewarding minutes of my day. I’ve never regretted a single one of those choices.

As I’ve said before, I want to get to the end of my life with a boatload of memories, not dreams. And it’s up to me to turn those dreams into reality. Time will not magically slow down; my schedule will not ever really clear. My father once said that the time it takes to accomplish something will expand to fill the time that you have to get it done.

So now I #maketime

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