Beach, Please: Epic Guest Room Redesign

guestroom-1Being in the ocean is damn near a spiritual experience for me—and that’s not hyperbole. I never feel more intimately connected to the world and simultaneously so infinitely a small part of it than when I immerse myself in the deep blue.

However, I have grown deep roots in a city that does not give me instant access to an ocean, so I felt an intense yearning to bring the essence of the ocean to me.

When I found myself with the fresh palette of a new home, it seemed only natural to transform an entire room into my own island oasis filled with the vibe of my favorite places on Earth.

Coastal-themed rooms are nothing new, but all of the inspiration that I found fell into one of two extremes: it was either way too predictable/sophisticated (think navy and gold) or way too kitsch (way too many seashells). Neither was the aesthetic I was aiming for.

It was with this challenge in mind—of creating a beach-inspired space that captures the essence of being on an island without getting too kitschy—that I created my most-proud home design to date: a chic—yet fun—Caribbean-inspired guest room.


May it bring as much joy to those who sleep in it as it does to me.


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